Bootcamp – Weather!

Posted: November 4, 2011 in Bootcamp, General Stuff
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Attention Bootcampers!!!!!

Tis the season for inclement weather!

If weather is iffy and you aren’t sure if Bodyshaping will be holding class (or if I will be able to get out of my driveway!), read on!!

If class is cancelled for any reason, including weather, you will receive a call from a “1-800” number. Don’t “ignore” these calls! The Bodyshaping office DOES NOT do the cancellation calls. Calls come from service out of town, so listen to your messages!! If a class is cancelled, one will be added on to the end of the session to make up for it.

I will ALWAYS post cancellations on my blog!

In a pinch, call the Bodyshaping By Sandy office at 716.568.0246

On a side note, I love it when my class trudges through the snow in order to come to Bootcamp – HOWEVER, if the weather is dicey, you are not comfortable traveling in, please take your safety into consideration! I LOVE seeing you, but I definitely don’t want your drive into my class to be your last. You can always make up a class! Click Here for Bodyshaping class schedules.


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