Bootcamp Class Plan 11/8 and 11/10

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Bootcamp, Class Plans, My Workouts
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So, the plan for class this week is a little different than the usual class. I decided to demonstrate a basic, straight-forward, workout plan that is easy to create at home and simple to get done. Basically, you choose three areas you want to work out (legs, arms, abs, for example). Pick three of your favorite exercises for each of these areas and complete 10 reps of each. Once you go through each of the three exercises, go back and repeat them for a total of three times. This will complete your first set. Move on to your next set of three exercises, and then the last set. In between each set, use a stopwatch and complete 1 minute of simple cardio (ie, running in place, mountain climbers, jump rope, etc).

Here is the class plan. Make it your workout today!

double leg (V) stretch


regular pushups
spiderman pushups
tricep dips

Jump rope (1 min)

shoulder bridge – reach over opposite shoulder
overhead plunger
reverse crunch

Shuffle (1min)

Alt Lunge Twists
Deep Slow Weighted Squats
Crossover Lunge

Wall Sit (1min)

Bicep in and outs
Shoulder Press
Pitcher Pour Combo

Mountain Climbers (1 min)

Deadlift Row
Tricep Pulses

Pop Squats (1 min)


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