Bootcamp Class Plan 11/15 and 11/17

Posted: November 14, 2011 in Bootcamp, Class Plans
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Alrighty! So after last week’s deviation from my normal class plan, we are back in the Tabata saddle with a vengeance this week! It is a tough workout, but it seems to go by quickly… or maybe I just blacked out at some point 😉

I just finished this workout and afterward I added in alternating pushups and sit-ups (3 sets of 10 each) – just cuz I’m crazy like that.
Make this your workout for the day and let me know how you do!


– One legged Squats
– Plank Alt Thigh Touch

– Alt Side lunge with a low hammer curl
– Elbow Side Plank Press

– One Foot Hops (crosses)
– 90 degree shoulder press

– Rock Star Jumps
– DB Lunge with a glute raise (all rt, then all lft)

– Renegade Row
– Side to side jumps

– Overhead External Rotation
– One Leg Burpees

Remember the 20 seconds on/10 seconds off format of Tabata! Read about that HERE.

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