My Thoughts on the Holidays and Weightloss Goals

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Health, Healthy Tips, Nutrition
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With the holidays coming up there is sure to be some partying, dining and holiday cheer pressing into your normally scheduled workout routines. On any given day throughout the year it is easy to get lost in schedules and family priorities, and as a result it can feel as if there is no time to get a good workout in. If it is easy to fall off of the proverbial fitness wagon on a “normal” day, during the holidays we barely stand a chance.

My answer to the question, “How can I stay fit during the holiday season?” is quite simple – make smart choices and above all…. WORK OUT! Do some sort of physical activity during the holidays. Go for a walk if the weather is cooperative. Pop on the treadmill for a few minutes when you can find the time. Try out that new workout DVD you got last January 🙂 Do what you can when time is on your side…

Aside from this, I encourage you to take a break from your calorie counting and enjoy the holiday season. I for one, intend to eat, drink and be merry! I do not encourage a “diet” mentality at any time of the year. Recently I heard the saying, “You don’t get fat between Christmas and New Years. You get fat between New Years and Christmas.” This really rings true to how I feel about the holidays and just enjoying life in general. Why do we work out and eat healthy? Well, for me, I work out because when I don’t work out I feel sluggish and it makes me feel good about myself. I like that I can do pushups and lift heavy weights. I watch what I eat so I can live a long and healthy life. I want to see my kids, kids get married. I want to be able to do these things wearing clothes that I like and I want to show my kids that when they grow up they can choose to live a healthy life and have fun. I want to be their example. All of this makes me happy.

What does not make me happy though is “watching what I eat” at Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. I literally work my ass off all year round. I do this and I think I deserve the opportunity to kick my feet up, sit on my keester and eat and drink my face off, a few nights a year. I can tell you, I eat an average of 1500 calories a day of whole foods, lean meats, and lots and lots of fruits and veggies. I stay away from dairy as much as possible, though my love for yogurt and cheese really makes that difficult 😉 I also eat very little sweets or desserts. Luckily, I wasn’t really born with an overpowering sweet tooth. And I rarely go out to eat. Let me tell you though, come Thanksgiving I will more than likely double my calorie intake for the day. I will eat gobs of dark turkey meat (because really, it just tastes better), loads of buttery mashed potatoes, and in all honesty, I will probably lose count of the drinks I drink. I am going to enjoy my family and the season and I think you all should too. Be happy. Life is too short to worry about falling off of any proverbial wagons. Starting Monday after the holidays, lace those sneakers back up, and be ready to get back to work and get back to your fitness routine.


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