Holiday Challenge!

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Bootcamp, Class Plans, General Stuff
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Our break between sessions is just over a month long. That months time could make or break your progress thus far. Don’t let that happen!

I have seen such growth this session in our classes. I am so proud of you all! You have worked hard, sweated a LOT, and kept me on my toes looking for new ways to challenge you. I will miss you all during this break, BUT I have come up with a fantastic way to keep you (and me) on track with your workouts this during the holidays!

Each day I will be posting video workouts on my blog. The workouts will be about 25 minutes in length. Because they are short they will also be intense. Work at your own pace (no slacking though!!!!) and increase weights and intensity as you see fit. Be sure to do a warm-up before your workout and a cool-down when you are finished. During the workout I will not there to point out your form, so be sure to pay attention to your body. If you feel pain, make a change. You can lessen the weight, reduce your range of motion, or slow down your reps. Make smart choices but but don’t be afraid to sweat!

I am hoping you all tune in and workout with me during the break. To sweeten the pot, if you will, I have come up with a contest for all my Bootcampers! Tune in and work out during the break, sign in in the comment section, and include the three key words that I mention at various points during the workout. For every three workouts you complete I will put in an entry to our Super Awesome Drawing that will take place the first class of the first session in January. I will have super awesome prizes so I hope that you participate!

Videos will begin on December 5th. I plan on posting 5-6 workouts a week throughout the duration of the break.

IF YOU ARE TAKING THE EXTENSION CLASSES – I will count these classes as your workouts during the break, so if you do all 4, you will get an entry into the January drawing. Now how awesome is that?

Email me with any questions that you may have on the contest rules, exercises, or the next session. I will get back to you quickly – I promise!

Hope you all have fun watching me workout in my basement!!! 🙂

I can assure you, my videos won’t look like this 😉


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