Calorie Counting on Thanksgiving…. if you are curious

Posted: November 23, 2011 in Healthy Tips, Nutrition

So, I already excused you from the calories that you will be consuming tomorrow, however I thought I would at least give you the option of knowing what is in all of that deliciously, yummy Turkey Day food.

Stop reading now if you would rather be on the “ignorance is bliss” wagon 😉

Here are some typical Thanksgiving foods that may be grazing your lips tomorrow and the calorie count for each. Obviously these are just estimates, as people prepare foods differently. Note the portions listed as well. Often we scoop more than a serving size onto our plates! (Check out the difference between dark meat and white meat! Yikes!)

• One small dinner roll: 87 calories
• 1 pat of butter: 36 calories
• Roasted white meat turkey, 4 ounces: 180 calories
• Roasted dark meat turkey, 4 ounces: 323 calories
• Turkey gravy ¼ cup: 50 calories
• Stuffing ½ cup: 190 calories
• Mashed potatoes, 1 cup: 190 calories
• Candied yams, ½ cup: 210 calories
• Sweet potato casserole, ¾ cup: 624 calories
• Honey glazed carrots, ½ cup: 45 calories
• Green bean casserole, ½ cup: 75 calories
• Jellied cranberry sauce: ¼ cup: 110 calories
• Pumpkin pie, 1/8 of a 9 inch pie: 316 calories
• Apple pie, 1/8 of a 9 inch pie: 411 calories
• Pecan pie, 1/8 of a 9 inch pie: 503 calories
• Vanilla ice cream, ½ cup: 145 calories

So there you have it! They say knowledge is power, in this case though I find that knowledge will most likely equate to guilt for me. But life is short, holidays are few and far between. So enjoy your dinner and have a great holiday!

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