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Posted: December 3, 2011 in Bootcamp, My Workouts, Videos
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The first workout is now up! I kept it short and sweet for the first go round. Don’t worry, I’ll get ya good later šŸ˜‰

I should mention that I did not tape a warm-up or a cool-down. Be sure you do some stretches beforehand and jog a little to get the blood pumping and your muscles nice and loose. After the workout do some stretching to make sure your muscles don’t cramp up.

This is a Tabata workout out, approximately 15 minutes long.
Set your timers for 10 seconds of rest and 20 seconds of hard work.
Here is an online tabata timer for you : Tabata timer

    Set 1:

5 Ski Jumps/3 pushups – I hopped over a rolled up yoga mat. Don’t be afraid to do modified pushups, you will be doing a lot of them!

    Set 2:

Speed Skater Squat – Hold dumbbells to increase cardio
Bicep Curls In and Out

    Set 3:

Weighted Mason Twist – Rest your feet down if you have to (I did!), then pop them back up
V-Sit, In and Outs – lose the weight if you need to and rest your hands on the floor at your sides. If you are holding a weight be sure to keep it close to your chest (I held it a little farther away than I should….)

    Set 4:

Tricep Dip – bend your needs to modify. Keep your butt close to the table (or whatever you are propped up on, a chair works well too)
Plank Raises – These are tough! Drop to a knee plank if you need to modify

Be safe, progress at your own pace. When you get tired remember to check your form.
Let me know your thoughts on this “trial” video and I will be sure to do my best to make number two better.

Have a happy workout!

If you are participating in the Challenge for class (you do NOT have to be Bootcamper to participate either… let me know if you want in and I will forward you the info!), pay attention and comment me your Keywords!

  1. Stephanie says:

    The quality SUCKS but it is up!!! Next upload won’t be such a hot mess – promise!

  2. Awesome Job! Great home workout… and way to stay motivated with that awesomely inviting looking couch so close by! šŸ™‚

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