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Posted: December 13, 2011 in Bootcamp, My Workouts, Videos
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Here is Video 3! Sorry it took so long to post for you. I had to redo a workout and re-edit because the other file was too large. I am going to reformat that one (because it was SUPER awesome) and get it posted soon, but in the meantime here is a great Tabata set for you that is only 15 minutes or so long… a perfect workout to fit into those busy holiday days that are almost here!

This video has examples of some pushup modifications that are more effective than ones that we do in class. I encourage you to challenge yourself here, you will be surprised at how strong you really are!

The descriptions for the exercises follow the video. As always progress at your own pace, watch your form, and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself!

SIDE NOTE- I had a slight issue with my dog during the taping of the video which led to me cropping a portion of the video at the beginning… sigh. It’s always something isn’t it??? Anyway, the first couple rounds of “breaks” aren’t quite 10 seconds. The timing gets better as the video progresses, I promise! A life lesson I learned during the taping of this video – dogs and dumbbells don’t mix!!!!!

First Couplet
1- Modified Push ups- I demonstrate modified push ups here in a different way than we have been doing them in class. We are told to modify our push ups by performing them on our knees. Truth is, this leads to improper alignment of the spine (which means a higher likelihood of injury) and an unnatural body position. It isn’t the worst way to do a push up, (many trainers instruct this way and it is perfectly acceptable, but I think options are always a good thing!), attempting a full push up when you aren’t physically strong enough is much more dangerous. To perform a modified push up, you need to have an elevated surface, stairs work great for this! Raise your upper body, be sure to have your hands positioned under your shoulders, grip the side of the surface you are using (in my case an ottoman) to prevent slipping on your palms, and perform the push up as you would with your hands on the ground. You can do many varieties of push ups this way (plyo, tricep push ups, wide-set, etc). To increase intensity, simply decrease the incline of your upper body. It’s that simple! A very basic form to start with is to stand facing a wall, and do the push up with your hands on the wall. You will be surprised at how quickly you progress.
2- Forward Lunge with a Forward Lean – Step forward with your right foot, making sure to step far enough away from your body to keep good form. Toes behind knees. Both legs are bent at a 90 degree angle, increase the angle (with less of a lunge motion) to decrease the intensity. Hinge forward with a straight back and bring the dumbbells towards your ankle or calf. Push off the ground with the front foot to return to standing. Continue this on the right side. Next time, lead with your left leg.

Second Couplet
1- Advanced Push ups – Here we are doing the opposite of a modified push up. To increase intensity of a push up, raise your lower half. This will increase the amount of weight you are putting on your upper body, and therefore increase the workload your muscles must support. THESE ARE DIFFICULT! I encourage you to try them. It is at least a good idea to see what they feel like… but be sure to listen to your body here. At the end I held a plank position, it was just too tough for me after doing the previous set of modified push ups. If you would like, do the modified push ups through this set and slowly progress towards these bad boys… you will get there. I promise!
2- Straight Arm Plank Roll- For this, hold your body in a nice, tight, straight-armed plank. Shift your upper body weight above your shoulders and roll up onto your toes. The push through your shoulders and shift your upper bodyweight downward, and roll back onto the sole of your foot. Again, not an easy move, especially if you were attempting the push ups before hand. Do your best!

Third Set
1- Bicep Curl with a Should Press – So, during this set, there is just one exercise. It starts with a bicep curl, elbows close to your body. Lift the dumbbells up toward your shoulders using a slow and controlled motion. Don’t let your upper body sway. If this is happening, either opt for a lower weight or slow down your reps and concentrate on your form. Really squeeze at the top thinking of cracking that nut in your elbow-pit! From there, turn your wrists so they are facing forward and drive your dumbbells up into a should press. Keep your shoulders relaxed down, away from your ears. Arms extend straight up to the sky, elbows ending up by your ears. Reverse that motion back to the curl, and extend down to finish. Repeat about a billion times 🙂

Fourth Set
1- Straight Arm Plank with an Arm Raise – Start in a straight armed plank position. Keep that butt down!!! Take turns lifting each arm overhead, stopping at your ear.
2- Regular old bicep curl – basic move, so challenge yourself with heavier weights!!!

Fifth (and last!) Set!
Tricep Dips – Sit on an elevated surface, I chose my ottoman, but a chair or edge of a couch or stair will do well too. Have your hands close to your butt, gripping the side of the ottoman. Bring your hips out over the edge. Bend your arms at your elbows and drop your butt straight down the side of the ottoman. Push yourself back up and fully extend your arm to really engage that tricep muscle. To decrease intensity, bend your knees.

  1. Julie says:

    When I saw the push up portion I was thinking “of course”, just my luck as I had just completed 52 pushups from the pushup challenge, arms are on fire! Thanks again!!

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