Video 4

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Bootcamp, My Workouts, Videos

I am feeling a little better today, so I took the opportunity to go ahead a tape a quick workout. I had to keep cardio out of my workout as I am feeling lightheaded here and there and I didn’t really want to go and pass out on camera 😉 I did, however, include cardio in the workout for you! Consider it a Christmas present from me to you!

    Set 1:

Backward Lunge with a Dumbbell – I used a medicine ball here, you can use a dumbbell by holding one side in each hand. Or if you have a stability ball, go ahead and use that!

V-Sit Row – GREAT core exercise that also incorporates the legs! I used a resistance band to hold on to, you can use that or a towel works just as good. Find your balance in a V-sit position with your legs extended. Bend your knees and bring the towel up and over your feet and extend your legs once again. It takes a lot of balance concentration – once you find your groove you will rock it! If you trip up, just find your balance and jump back in the game. I had to sit on a mat half way through the set as my bum was hurting me… you might want to do the same 😉

CARDIO – High Knees for 30 seconds

    Set 2:

One Leg Squats with Dumbbell – Lift one leg slightly and hold a dumbbell in that same side. Find your balance (it took me a bit to find my groove), and slowly bend your stabilizing knee as you reach your dumbbell toward your standing foot. Do your best to keep your two ankles in alignment. If you lose your balance, regroup and start over 🙂

Pushups – Choose pushups that challenge you!!!

CARDIO – Bunny Hops (Ski hops) for 30 seconds

    Set 3:

Mason Twist – I held my medicine ball here, you can use a dumbbell or just clasp your hands together and touch the ground

Straight-Arm Situp with Weight – I used my ball again here. You can use a dumbbell or just extend your arms above your head and touch the ground in front of you as you sit up.

CARDIO – Jumping Jacks for 30 seconds

    Set 4:

Side Lunge With Towel – Squat back with your hips and let your opposite foot slide out the side of you. Focus on your form. Sink your hips behind you and use your inner thigh to pull that leg back in.

Glute Bridge with Towel – OUCH! Lie on the floor on your back with your legs bent and a towel underneath your heels. Lift your butt up off of the ground and try to keep a straight line between your shoulders and your knees the whole time. Extend your heels out away from you, keeping your butt lifted off of the ground. Then slowly pull your heels back in toward your butt.


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