Bodyshaping Pricing Update

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Bootcamp

An update for enrollees of Bodyshaping. Rumor has it that a change has been made to the price per class, and I am happy to report that this change will be working in your favor 🙂

If you have already enrolled for the new session, the new and improved rates will be applied to you and you should be reimbursed the difference. I HIGHLY suggest calling the office and confirming this with the secretary there. It is a crazy time for them with new enrollment, the New Year/tax things, and getting instructors set for the new session, etc…. Some people are bound to be forgotten, albeit not on purpose.

If you have not already enrolled for classes that start NEXT WEEK, A) What the heck are you waiting for???, and B) You can now enroll online. Click “Online Registration” on the Bodyshaping website and get yourself enrolled! NOW!!!

Call Bodyshaping at 716.568.0246 (I have the best luck getting ahold of someone between 12 and 1pm)
Or you can email


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