Yet another scary reason to know your farmer and where your meat comes from

Posted: January 24, 2012 in Health, Nutrition

This video is insane and I can’t tell you how much it scares me. Watch the video and then read the article I found that explains further how much this “meat glue” is being used in the US, especially in restaurants. There are no regulations. No rules. And restaurants do not need inform the customer about it legally. Workers who handle the “glue” must wear masks as it is toxic, and yet we eat it on a daily basis, unless you are vegetarian.

One more reason why just purchasing meats labeled as “organic” is not always the best choice. Look at the additives. Look at the processing. Buy from a farm if you can.

For further information on this “meat glue” substance, read the article “Industry-Wide Use of Meat Glue Sticks Together Scraps of Meat To Sell You Prime Cuts” published by the Health Freedom Alliance.


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