First Bootcamp Week is a Success!

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Bootcamp, General Stuff

I am so excited about this new Bootcamp session! I have such a great group to work out with twice a week and I have so many fantastic new ideas to incorporate in our class. I want to say thank you for starting the year out on the right foot, and choosing Bootcamp to get ‘er done!

I mentioned it in class, but I want to reiterate. I am always available to you if you have any questions or concerns regarding class, make-up classes, specific exercises, modifications, nutritional stuff… whatever. Please don’t hesitate to email me. I will get back to you with an answer quickly. This is YOUR class and I want you to be 100% comfortable and confident in what you are doing. If you want to extend your workouts at home, I would be more than happy to work with you to create another workout that you can do in addition to what we do during the week. Cuz really, it’s all about you 🙂

Following each class I plan to write a blog to answer any questions that I think might benefit the group. If there are any thoughts or points I forgot to make in class I will mention that and if there is a “heads up” I think you would benefit from in regards to the following weeks class, this is where it will be.

I will begin with the calorie count that I recorded for that nights workout. Those of you who are curious can pop in and see it quickly at the top.

I am proud of you all for taking such a significant step towards a healthier you. It takes a lot of courage to try something new and out of our “comfort zone”. You did it and you were all awesome! I can’t wait to see you all 10 weeks from now 😉

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