Thursday 1/26

Posted: January 26, 2012 in Bootcamp, General Stuff

Calorie Count :
I burned a whopping 197 calories tonight (and I must admit that I forgot to begin my calorie counter until we were already on our second Tabata rotation… so it is definitely more than that).

I want to note here that everyone is different. Everyone’s bodies are different. I burned this amount tonight, you may have burned more than me or less than me. This is just to give you a ballpark idea, and to put all your hard work into a “number”.

Another thing to keep in mind is that we do Tabata in class which is a form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). During this sort of training, the body continues to burn calories up to two hours after you have untied your sneakers. So that number is most definitely higher, but it is difficult to say by how much. That depends on how hard you worked out, how efficiently your body burns calories, and on a bunch of other variables. So just keep that in mind.

If you are curious about my calorie counter, it is a Fitbit. You can read all about it HERE. I LOVE it and it is so useful to me in so many more ways than just counting how many calories I burned during a workout.

    Foot Stretches (for those of you with sore feet)

Here is a great stretch I found for foot pain, particularly located on the top of the foot. It works the Toe Flexors and Plantar Surface of Foot.

This may seem like an unimportant stretch, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! The muscles that help with toe flexion also support the arches in your foot. When these become overly tight, it increases the chance of plantar fasciitis. And that is BAD news!

Start seated with one leg straight in front of you and the other leg and hip bent to at least 90 degrees so you are able to grasp your toes with your hands. If you cannot reach them this way, bend your knee and cross your leg. Contract the muscles in your shin to lift your toes up (toe extension). Starting with just the big toe, use your hands to gently pull the toe up toward your calf into a greater stretch. You should feel a stretch under the arch of your foot. Hold the stretch for 2 seconds and repeat 10 times with each toe, then switch feet.

Good sneakers help a lot too, as well as arch support inserts 🙂


Okay, so I am pretty confident to say that if there was one cohesive theme among the members of class tonight it was this…. OUCH! Believe me, I felt it too!

Tuesday’s workout created some changes in your muscles, GOOD CHANGES< and that is what you were feeling today. I don't want to say that I was happy that you were in pain, because that would be mean and weird, but I must admit, I was smiling inside 🙂 To me, when I work out, there is no greater satisfaction than to wake up in the morning, roll out of bed and stop dead in my tracks as I realize that my legs don’t feel quite right. Then it dawns on me how hard I worked the day before.

For those of you who were concerned, I have good news for you. Each class, each week, it will get better. Your body will become accustomed to our crazy workouts. You will begin to tolerate the pain more and more. It will become more “normal” to be sore in the spots that we worked on the night before. Until then, there are things that you can do to relieve some of the aches and pain.

You are all ears now aren’t ya??

1. Immediately after a workout, you have a maximum of about one hour to eat something. If you do not eat, you will not have enough carbohydrate energy for your next workout, you will not have enough protein to repair muscles, and you will not have enough fat for hormones and joints. Try a bowl of quinoa or brown rice with chicken, a protein smoothie with whey protein powder and a piece of fruit,

2. When it comes to recovery, dehydration is one of your biggest enemies, so try to drink one 20-24oz bottle of water for each hour of exercise. Within a couple of hours after a workout, you should be peeing clear :0

3. Circulation of blood in and out of a stressed body part improves speed of recovery. Techniques that can improve blood flow include cooling down after your workout with a walk or easy bike ride, performing light stretching during or after each workout, and alternating every 30-60 seconds between hot and cold running water in your post-workout shower.

4. Probably my favorite tip is the use of topical ointments and/or medicated heating pads. There are several compounds that you can rub on a muscle to eliminate soreness and improve recovery. Most of these compounds work by creating a pain-relieving and cooling sensation, increasing blood flow, or displacing elevated levels of calcium. My favorite is Ben Gay… LOVE it!!! All the different brands of ointments can be rubbed into the muscle immediately after and up to several days after a workout, until soreness subsides. Find a favorite of yours and buy a case, you won’t be disappointed! I also have a rice-beanbag, microwave thing that is amazing for warming up those tight muscles. Here is an easy DIY one, if you are crafty like that….

Very important side note!!! After you apply your Icy Hot or Ben Gay or whatever, WASH YOUR HANDS especially before going to the bathroom…. enough said 😉

5. Lastly, ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory and can be a life saver when you are just too sore to get comfy and fall asleep at night. I don’t recommend working out to this extent on a regular basis, but it happens, and when it does, Advil can be your new best friend.

I think that is it for now…

Let me know what your thoughts are and let me know what your goals are for yourself. Maybe I can help you achieve them!

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