Good foods that work FOR you (not against you)

Posted: January 27, 2012 in Healthy Tips, Nutrition

So we all know that chips are bad. Soda is bad. Ice cream, sadly, is bad for you. Greasy hamburgers, bad. Bagels, bad. Just about everything I love, bad.

Well, instead of informing you of what NOT to eat, let’s focus on the GOOD foods out there that Mother Nature herself created just to help your body be all that it naturally wants be.

I will warn you, there are no foods on this list that are greasy, salty, sugary, or full of any sort of additive. Mother Nature doesn’t do fake. She is one of those tree hugging “granola girl” types. I bet she even does yoga outside….

Here is the list. It is VERY colorful, as most foods that are good for you are. And I just love this chart. Pictures just make life so much easier, and prettier….

  1. Spinach, asparagus, garlic and a poached egg or two— wonder meal!!!!

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