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Inner Thigh Exercises

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Bootcamp, General Stuff

We chatted a bit tonight in class about some options to work out those inner thighs. The inner thighs are TOUGH to isolate. There are a bunch of exercises that you can do to tone those muscles though. Here are a few of my favorites!!

1: The Wide-Stance (Plie) Squat
Stand with your fit slightly wider that shoulder width apart, knees turned outward. Bend into a pile squat, keeping your knees pointed out the entire time. Lower yourself down into your squat by dropping your butt straight down toward the ground. Keep your knees behind your toes. To increase the intensity grab a couple of dumbbells and add resistance or try to jump up from the pile position.

2: Scissor Kicks
Perform scissor kicks by lying flat on your back with your feel flat on the ground. Place your hands underneath your butt and stretch your legs in front of you leaving them 4-6 inches from the ground. Keeping your lower abdominal and inner thigh muscles tightened, cross legs back and forth in a scissor-like motion for 8 seconds. Repeat 6-8 repetitions per set

3: Towel Slide One Leg Squat
We did this one in during the Towel Class! It is a one leg squat. Place a towel underneath your “slidey” foot. Sit back into a one leg squat and simultaneously slide the other leg out to the side. When you stand up from the squat position, drag that foot back to a standing position. The upwards motion is where you are going to feel your inner thighs working!

4: Skaters
Love these and we have also done them in class. Jump side to side as if you are roller skating. I definitely just dated myself there. Rollerblading is more appropriate 🙂

5: Run!
I am not a huge fan of running long distance, but, you just can’t argue with the fact that running, even in short intervals gets the blood pumping, the sweat dripping, and works those inner and outer thighs all at once.


Tuesday 2/28

Posted: February 28, 2012 in Bootcamp

We did it!!! Calories burned today -368! I am so amazed! I knew it would be a great calorie burning workout, which means that it would be a TOUGHIE to finish, but we did it! Yay for us!!!!

I am going to ballpark that when the calories burned during the mat work are added into the mix we are near, if not surpassing the 400 mark!

Here are some words of wisdom/encouragement for you all. First off, we are halfway through this session. This is a great time to stop and take a moment to reflect on how far you have come since that very first (painful) class. Some of you may be feeling different. Perhaps the numbers on the scale are changing for the better. MAybe your weights aren’t as heavy as they used to be for you. Maybe your clothes are looser. Maybe you are finding it easier to get up that flight of stairs at work. Maybe you are starting to notice that instead of dreading a workout, you are looking forward to it. These are all of the things that exercise and making healthy choices bring into our lives. And guess what? The more you put into it, the greater the return. It is that easy.

So I will leave you with one more “Yay!!”. I am so proud of you guys!

Hi all! It is back to the grind today!!! My kiddos are on the bus and I am gearing up for a big week of getting back into the fitness groove! Classes are going to be fun this week – I have a lot of new moves that are going to get your heart pumping and the sweat dripping off your foreheads. Bring your weights and lots of water!!!!

A reminder to all of my Blue Cross people… you MUST sign in on the Blue Cross sign in at each class. If you miss a class you MUST make it up. I have a schedule of all of the Body Shaping by Sandy classes that are currently in session, I would be happy to give you a copy if you need it. We are at the half way point for the session so if you are missing any signatures, you should start to plan a makeup class!!!

Lastly, I cannot stress enough how proud I am of you all! You all have come so far since that very first class… how many of you remember the soreness that I heard so much about following that first workout?? I promised it would get better and I hope that it has for you. At this point, you should be noticing positive changes in your body. You should be feeling better and notice a change in energy level and stamina during workouts. If you weights are seeming light, it might be time to add a pound or two (10% of your current weight amount is a safe jump up). Remember, by adding weight you will not be adding bulk to your body, you will be challenging your muscles and avoiding the dreaded workout “plateau”.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. I am here to help you in any way that I can!

Thursday 2/17

Posted: February 17, 2012 in Bootcamp

What a great class! I know that the “towel class” is not the most pleasant, but I really enjoy it and I think some of you did as well! I love how using a simple item from the kitchen can help you get a great workout!

We burned…. are you ready??? ….. 312 calories!!!! Yay!!!! Give yourselves a pat on the back for sticking with me through the entire workout and not giving up. I am so happy for you guys, and so proud of the progress that you are showing in such a short time. Keep up the great work!!!

Thursday 2/9

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Bootcamp

Well, our volunteer did a super job last night! Calories burned was 215…. In my book, anything over 200 is a great effort. So yay you- and thank you for volunteering!!!

A note about the calories burned using my Fitbit monitor –

The Fitbit is a wonderful device and I use it all day and night long, believe it or not. It tracks steps take, stairs climbed, hours slept, activity level, calories consumed and burned, and more. For me and my lifestyle these are all huge plusses that really help me keep myself in a “fitness state of mind” on a day-to-day basis.

The drawback, as I have stated before, is that there is no heart rate monitoring that goes on at all, so calories burned during a workout is nearly always higher than what is recorded. And I am talking a difference of a 200 or more calories. So rest assured that if you keep your little keesters moving throughout my entire class, you will have burned well over 200 calories in that hour. I am ball parking that we burn 300-400 calories a class, and then as we all know, our bodies continue to burn more calories after the workout is finished. I am hoping to borrow a heart rate monitor to get a better reading on calories burned. We will then see how accurate my estimations are!!

Great class tonight! I am now busy getting my plans ready for next weeks classes. It will be one of my FAVORITE workouts! No weights are needed, so don’t waste your energy dragging them into class. Believe me, you will need all the energy you can muster up! 😉

I plan to start class at 7:15 from now on and end class at 8:15. This will give the Zumbaers more time to get their things and clear out of the gym, and we will have more time to get ourselves situated and ready to sweat!

Have a great weekend you guys! Stay warm – it’s gonna be COLD!

Just a funny to make you chuckle….

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Bootcamp
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Smiling is good for your health too after all!


Whenever I need a laugh I watch this video by Flight of the Concords. It never gets old.

The Huffington Post recently published an article titled “What Happens In Your Body When You Eat Ramen And Gatorade”, this article illustrates (graphically) how certain processed foods affect your body. A friend of mine brought this article to my attention and I had to share with you all.

It goes beyond saying that small steps mean so much when it comes to your health. Find a processed food that you and your family can live without purchasing and find a new, whole food, to replace it!

Here is the link to the article

Session 2 – Class 3

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Bootcamp, Class Plans, My Workouts

Here are the intervals for Tabata this week. Be sure to warm up your muscles before you begin the intervals by jogging in place or doing some jumping jacks. It is also important that you follow your workout with some cool down stretches.

If you take my class twice a week, adding one more workout sometime between Thursday and Tuesday would really make a big difference in your fitness level!

    Set 1:

– Skaters
– Toe Reach Crunches

    Set 2:

– Spartan Squat Lunge
– V-Sit Rows

    Set 3:

– One-Leg Cross Hops
– Tricep Dips

    Set 4:

– Straight Leg Deadlift
– Tricep Pushups

    Set 5:

– Elbow Side Plank Hold/Press
– Bucket Shoulder Sequence

    Set 6:

– UFC’s
– Elbow Plank Shoulder Press

Class is on :)

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Bootcamp

Well, I said to myself that I would see how I felt at noon and if I didn’t feel worse then Bootcamp would be a “Go”, and I definitely don’t feel worse so that is good! I plan to see you all tonight!!


Possible Cancelled Class Tonight

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Bootcamp

Just a heads up. I have been feeling less than awesome since yesterday afternoon. I am resting up this morning and I hope to be feeling better for class tonight. If I get worse though I will have to cancel tonights class which I SO don’t want to do! IF this happens, you will get a call this afternoon that says the class is cancelled. The missed class will be added on to the end of the session.

Fingers crossed though, I will be there if I can – even if I can’t DO it all.