Picture it! My Secret to Being Fit :)

Posted: February 6, 2012 in General Stuff, Health, Healthy Tips, Nutrition

I am going to share with you a super secret (shhhhh!) tip for becoming the “fit” person that you want to be. This tip will allow you to lose extra pounds that have been bugging you for years, it will give you the energy you need to get through your day (with some to spare!), it will improve your overall health exponentially, and it will do all of this in way less time than a fad “diet” could even dream of promising. The best thing about it all is that it is so simple. You ready for it???

Start by closing your eyes and picturing the “Future You”. Ask yourself these questions with “Future You” in mind…

What does “Future You” look like?
How does “Future You” feel about his/herself?
What activities does “Future You” engage in?
What sort of foods does “Future You” eat?
What meals does “Future You” cook for the family?
How much sleep does “Future You” get?
What sort of exercise activities does “Future You” incorporate into the day?

Ask yourself these questions and come up with a fully visualized picture of the life that “Future You” lives.

Now here comes the big secret…. BE that person TODAY! Simple as that. You are that person inside, you just have to make the choice to live that life now and stop putting it off. In fitness, there is no “ending point”. A common misconception, especially in weight loss, is that once your reach your goal weight, you are done. This is where people fall into the grips of the Yo-Yo diet. Think of AA (only for comparison)… When an addict graduates, he or she is still an addict. He must live his day-to-day life as a recovered alcoholic by continuing to make the proper choices. There is no Plan B for him. One slip up and he is back to square one. As any recovering addict can tell you, it is much easier to stay clean than it is to get clean. I think making the decision to become a healthy person, inside and out, is much the same way. We are all “addicts” in some way. We all have vices. We all have crutches we lean on. We all have poison in our lives, be it alcohol, food, unhealthy relationships, whatever….

Well, now that I called you all a bunch of “junkies”….. 😉

Here is the good news. Today is your day! Make today your starting point. Don’t start living your healthy life next week, or next month, or when you lose that 20 lbs, or when that box of cookies in your pantry is gone. Start now. I bet you that you pictured “Future You” being happier than you are right now. I bet “Future You” feels awesome about herself. I assume that “Future You” is the “you” that you want to be, but feel that you have roadblocks in your way or obstacles to overcome first. The truth is, the only thing that is stopping you from becoming the person that you want to be is you. It is as simple as making the decision that today is the day you eat the 1600 calorie diet full of fruits and veggies and lean proteins, instead of your current diet. Make today the day that you stop listening to the neigh-sayers in your life who don’t have the confidence in your ability to reach your goals. You don’t need their confidence and support to succeed. You just need you!

So go ahead. Make this a great week for you and your family! “Future You” is waiting for you!

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