Thursday 2/9

Posted: February 10, 2012 in Bootcamp

Well, our volunteer did a super job last night! Calories burned was 215…. In my book, anything over 200 is a great effort. So yay you- and thank you for volunteering!!!

A note about the calories burned using my Fitbit monitor –

The Fitbit is a wonderful device and I use it all day and night long, believe it or not. It tracks steps take, stairs climbed, hours slept, activity level, calories consumed and burned, and more. For me and my lifestyle these are all huge plusses that really help me keep myself in a “fitness state of mind” on a day-to-day basis.

The drawback, as I have stated before, is that there is no heart rate monitoring that goes on at all, so calories burned during a workout is nearly always higher than what is recorded. And I am talking a difference of a 200 or more calories. So rest assured that if you keep your little keesters moving throughout my entire class, you will have burned well over 200 calories in that hour. I am ball parking that we burn 300-400 calories a class, and then as we all know, our bodies continue to burn more calories after the workout is finished. I am hoping to borrow a heart rate monitor to get a better reading on calories burned. We will then see how accurate my estimations are!!

Great class tonight! I am now busy getting my plans ready for next weeks classes. It will be one of my FAVORITE workouts! No weights are needed, so don’t waste your energy dragging them into class. Believe me, you will need all the energy you can muster up! 😉

I plan to start class at 7:15 from now on and end class at 8:15. This will give the Zumbaers more time to get their things and clear out of the gym, and we will have more time to get ourselves situated and ready to sweat!

Have a great weekend you guys! Stay warm – it’s gonna be COLD!


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