My Farm!!!

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Nutrition, Whole Foods and Organics

My family and I have done a lot of thinking lately about how we feel about the foods that we eat. We have decided that high quality, organic, local produce is top priority. This decision led me on a search for a local farm that was certified organic and had a reliable, stable, fruit and vegetable share program already established.

As the fates had it, I was invited to a PartyLite party at a friends house in which I got to chatting with a friend of a friend and we got on the topic of organics and such. You know, because that stuff always comes up, right? Anyway, as it happens, her family was a part of an organic vegetable share with a local farm and she was super happy with it. I researched it (and researched, and researched, and researched some more….) and am super excited to start the season!!!

Here are the details. I paid for the season’s bounties upfront. Flat rate. No matter what “Big Brother” is up to during the summer, my produce is paid for in full already. Yay!! Once a week (I chose Tuesday) after 3:30 I pack my little family up into my Jeep and we head on down to the farm. There we will gather all of our goodies up that were picked earlier that day. Looking at the list of veggies and fruits that were available last year, I am expecting my family to be well fed throughout this summer and well into the winter!

Here is an image from the site that shows one weeks worth of harvest for one family….

Here is the link to the farm. Check it out! I am SO anxious to for the spring to get here so I can gather up all of the fresh goodness from the farm, and when I do, I will be sure to share with you my experiences!

Thorpes Organic Family Farm

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