Class Plan 3/6 AND 3/8

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Bootcamp, Class Plans

I took a little extra time with the list of exercises that we did this week and I linked them up to explanations (most have videos too) so you will be able to remember and perform them correctly at home. There are a few I am struggling to find a good link to, if you have a question about them (or come across I link I can share) just let me know!

Thanks and have fun!!!!

Tabata: (30/30)

1- Sumo Squat Row
2- Together Bicep Curl
3- MKG
4- Bent Over Dumbbell Row
5- High Knee Run
6- Sumo Squat and Kick
7- Rear Delt Fly
8- Mountain Climbers
9- Penguin Taps
10- Russian Dance
11- Plank Jacks (on elbows)
12- Plank Hold
13- Mason Twist
14- Woodchopper
15- Heisman

Mat work:

20 pushups
Pilates 100
Swimmer/Heel Beats
Mermaid/Side Plank
Rolling Like a Ball/Open Leg Rocker


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