Too old to workout – heck no!

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Health, Healthy Tips, Nutrition

Most researchers believe that the maximum life span in humans is slightly over 110 years. Very few of us die of old age; we die from the result of diseases such as cancer and heart disease often seen in older, unhealthy persons.

Many health experts believe we die as a result of making poor health choices. Today we have knowledge and resources available to make healthy choices. It was not too long ago that older adults were discouraged from exercise and told to just sit in their rocking chairs. Today, experts agree that exercise is one of those healthy choices that each of us can make, no matter what our physical condition. Experts are continually discovering that health-related issues ranging from childbirth to heart disease can be improved by the intervention of exercise. Study after study demonstrates that proper exercise, in addition to making us look and feel better, actually lengthens and improves the quality of our lives. Exercise = living longer.

This next fact blew my mind –
Scientists suggest that we should not experience a steady decline in health starting in our 30s, but rather live successfully into our EIGHTIES before bodily systems start to break down. Say what?!

Many a time, I have found myself dripping with sweat, muscles absolutely exhausted (to the point of me not being able to control them from trembling and quivering in front of my sweat-stung eyes)… I think of the television show that I missed because I was working out, or the huge, yummy-looking sandwich I passed up for lunch that my friend ordered and “just got the salad”, yet again. I wonder sometimes, is it worth it? Am I helping my body THAT much by continuing to make these, often more difficult choices for myself when others around me choose the “fun” and “easy” option – because, hey, life is short after all.

Which leads me to my final point. Life doesn’t have to be short. Not only can you add years to your life, but you can add life to your years with consistent exercise and a consistent diet full of fresh vegetables, fruits, and other whole foods. So yes, it is worth it. At least to me it is. My kids deserve a healthy mom that is able to run around the yard with them and play catch and go swimming. They deserve a mom who cares enough to make the best food choices for their growing little bodies (even if it means throwing down with a stubborn 6 year old from time to time at the dinner table). My husband deserves a wife who is able to match wits with him and bug him for years to come 😉 And I deserve to feel good and to look good, and feel good about looking good, because I worked so damn hard to get where I am today.

So stick with it. You are all worth it!!!!

My favorite 53 year old – Mr Tony Horton 😉

Read more about exercise and aging here at the Mayo Clinic’s Website


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