Tuesday 3/27

Posted: March 28, 2012 in Bootcamp, Class Plans

Ahh! I had a problem getting the data off of my FitBit last night, but I restarted it and am good as gold now! Sorry for the delay, but what can I say? I love technology (when it works ;))!

Tonights class of supersets was TOUGH but incredibly awesome, I thought. I am sure you found yourself having to push a little harder to get through a set or two, and that is not only good, but exactly what I was going for when I planned out the flow of class tonight. I am proud of you all for sticking with me and I am blown away by the strength that some of you were showing! Good for you!!!

Tonight I tracked 245 calories burned. This number does not include the calories that you burned while doing any floor work (of which we did a LOT), or any exercises that did not include a whole lot of movement of the feet.

We will repeat this workout on Thursday, so bring your “A” game once again! C U all then!!!

  1. Sheila says:

    I definately had to work harder but I keep telling myself it will be well worth it! thanks for keeping us going!

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