Calories burned 4/24!

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Bootcamp

So you guys are awesome! We did a rather advanced workout tonight, in Week 2. You not only kept up, you were able to do so using great form. I am very glad you stuck with me during the workout and after looking at my calorie counter, I think it is safe to say that you will also be glad that you stuck with me!

According to my device, we burned 428 calories tonight, from start to finish! That is a lot! I will add here that my Fitbit keeps track of the calories burned that can be measured by a motion detector. I am not exactly sure of the specifics, however, I know that exercises we do that are not all “jumpy” or “move-y” like do not get recorded. Once I did a whole ab workout and the device thought that I had fallen asleep…. seriously. So, I would say that the 428 calories counted tonight is a very, VERY conservative number. I would ballpark that another 150-200 additional calories were burned easily.

Great class tonight! See you all on Thursday – when we do it all over again!


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