Oh my Yoga!

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Videos

This is one of my favorite motivational fitness videos I have come across. I find this girl to be so amazingly beautiful and so strong, yet so feminine. Take a few minutes to watch this girl in action…

If you do, please note the following…

1) Her clothing choice. I don’t care how amazing your body looks, doing yoga in lacy underwear is just not comfortable and definitely not conducive to getting an effecting “ohm” on, in my opinion.

2) Her husband/boyfriend/whomever sleeping in the amazingly huge and comfy-looking bed behind her. Do you think he is really asleep or “acting”??

3) Note the gorgeous view out of that insanely enormous city-view floor to ceiling window. Now let’s go back to the underwear. Did she not think that through? I guarantee somewhere on the YouTube that there is a creepy video titled something like, “Hot Yoga Chick”, shot through a telephoto lens out of a window of some creepy guy who lives in the building across the street.

4) Lastly, her toes! Why are they spread apart so weird and wild like??? SO distracting!

Yes, I have watched this video a number of times and yes, I tend to notice odd things. All of that aside, this girl is amazing and it so incredibly beautiful to see what the human body is capable of doing – except her damn toes 😛

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