Calories burned – 5/1

Posted: May 1, 2012 in Bootcamp

Well, do I have good news for you guys! As you are fully aware, we had a killer “burning” class tonight! I know it was tough. I know you had to find the strength to push yourself. I know at times you thought you were going to die, but guess what? You didn’t! Yay for not dying in Bootcamp class! Instead of dying, you burned a ton of calories, strengthened your muscles (including your heart), and you did things that you have never done before. Those are all things you should be incredibly proud of! We will do the same class on Thursday, which should come easier to you physically – though mentally you may dread it just a tad 😉 But no worries, we will laugh a have fun as usual!

Now, for what you came here for. The calorie count! In checking my Fitbit, I was able to break down the calories burned into segments and I can tell you for Tabata we burned 234 calories. Not too shabby! For the Cardio Blast portion of class we burned a total of 389 calories! That makes tonights total calories burned 623! Wowza!

As usual,keep in mind that the calories burned is an estimate. If you took breaks, used heavy weights, or slowed your pace at all, your calories could be slightly less or slightly more. Also, my calorie monitor does not account for calories burned during exercises that do not have a lot of movement in them. So the total number will definitely be a little higher, which is even better!

You all were on fire tonight! Thanks for a great class and see you all Thursday!


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