Highland Class Temporary Location Change!!!!!

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Bootcamp, General Stuff

Here is the deal… on the following dates….

May 17th, May 22nd, May 24th, May 29th, and May 31st,

we will move classes (both Zumba and Bootcamp) to the WT Hoag Bldg. This building is located at 42 Sunset, in Angola about 5 Miles down the road. Classes will then move back to Highland for rest of classes in June.

I am sorry to you all for the switcharoo… There are many musical concerts scheduled for Highland in May and this was the simplest solution according to the Bodyshaping secretary.

The GOOD news, is that rumor has it that the gym in the Hoag Bldg is super nice and CLEAN! Yay!!!! And it is always nice to shake things up a little and get anew perspective during a workout.

I’m trying to find the bright side here 😉

Email or comment with any questions that you may have for me. I will also address questions you may have during class.


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