End of Bootcamp = Sadness BUT Summer Workout Plans = FITness! You liked that play on words, didn’t you????

Posted: June 11, 2012 in Bootcamp, Class Plans, My Workouts

We are quickly approaching the end of Bootcamp for the Spring. I cannot believe how quickly this session has flown by! The end really snuck up on me! I am very sad that we will not be holding Bootcamp over the summer, but considering the few super hot days we had to workout in, it may be for the best 😉 We were all quite a sweaty sight I am sure! Class will return in the Fall (with yours truly), and I will be armed with new ideas to make us all stronger individuals!

In the meantime, 6 weeks is a looong time to let pass by without a good workout! I don’t plan to leave you laying around in the summer sun with nothing to do. Each week I will post a workout on my site. I will structure the workouts like I would a typical Tabata class. I will post a quick warm up for you to do. I will post 6-7 couplets, with explanations to the moves. Do the normal 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest, unless I say otherwise. I will include a link to an online Tabata Timer. You can bookmark it and use it for your workouts. If you have a Smartphone, there are a lot of free Tabata timer apps you can use as well. If you are die hard and want your very own super-sweet Tabata timer, you can purchase your own HERE for $20. When you think of the money you will save on a gym membership, $20 is a steal! It is probably the ONLY piece of workout equipment that I cannot do without.

It is my suggestion to you that you do the posted weekly workout, at a minimum of twice a week, on Tuesday night and Thursday night, just as you would if it was an actual class (minus the nonsensical banter coming from me in the front of the room). Adding in a third night would be optimal though and would make me very happy 🙂

If there are any questions about the exercises, or anything else for that matter, you can always leave a comment or email me personally. I am always excited to see emails and comments from my people!

In addition to thinking about your workout situation during our 6 week hiatus, I have also been thinking about what I will be doing to challenge myself fitness wise. I am currently on the second half of the Insanity program, so by the time the session wraps up it will be just about over. I am planning on attending at least one Pilates class a week which will be held at Frontier Middle School on Monday and Wednesday nights at 6pm. I would LOVE to see some friendly boot-campers there beside me! I am going to shoot for two, but with the kiddos home from school, realistically, it may not happen every week.

Along with Pilates I am going to do the workout that I post each week. I will do that workout three times, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (or Friday, depending on my weekend schedule of keep-the-kids-busy-and-entertained activities).

I also plan to add in another workout program like Insanity to the mix. Mike has been hinting that he wants to do P90X again (because once is apparently not enough for him). I may be seeing a lot more of Tony Horton in my living room in the months to come. More Tony on the TV inevitably means more “Tonyisms” in my brain… “Do your best and forget the rest.” and “Man-o-manischewitz!” Sigh….

Anyway. These are my plans to keep myself busy and fit through the summer. I would love to hear your plans! Anyone signing up for a race or starting up a new workout genre? Share away!

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