Summer Workout Series: Week 1

Posted: June 24, 2012 in Bootcamp, My Workouts

Here it is! First workout of the summer all planned out for you, all you have to do is find 30 minutes (or so) and a spot in your house to work up a sweat! I know that you can do this! Today, and for the rest of the summer until I see your pretty little faces again in the fall!

Here is the workout. It is a traditional Tabata format with 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Really try to push yourself during the 20 seconds, you want to raise that heart rate and really challenge your muscles while you can. Remember, it is only 20 seconds!!!!

I linked explanations of individual exercises that I thought you may need further explanation for. If there is one I missed, email or comment here and I will link it up!

Here is a link to an online Tabata Timer

Warm- Up – be sure to stretch out some and do a little jogging before you begin your workout!

    Tabata (20/10)
    Set 1:

– Fast High Knees (push yourself!!!!)
– Bicep Curls (Really crunch those elbow-pits at the top and fully extend your arm down) – Use a heavier weight for this

    Set 2:

Plie Squat With a Dumbell Upright Row (squat down and drop arms in front of you holding your dumbbells. On the way up, bring those weights up toward your chin keeping your elbows out wide.)

    Set 3:

Tricep Dips (do these either on the floor like we do in class, or you can use a coffee table, chair, or aerobic step if you have one)
Plank Jacks! (hold a low plank on your elbows and move those legs in and out like you are doing jumping jacks. Keep that butt down and SQUEEZE people!!!)

    Set 4:

– Over the Chair
– Suicides

    Set 5:

Hinged Tricep Kickback (use a lighter weight for this one)
Shoulder Press Up

    Set 6:

– Alternating Forward Lunge (to increase difficulty, hold dumbbells in your hands)
– Pushups


– 50 crunches!!! You can do it!

After your workout be sure to do some stretching to cool down and bring that heart rate down. Your body worked hard for you, treat it well!!!!

Do this workout 3 times this week!


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