What I have been doing…..

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Health

Boy have I neglected all of you! So sorry!!! I always dream of summertime being full of long, lazy days in which I spend my copious amounts of spare time lazing around the patio with a lemonade, watching my boys frolic in the sprinkler as I blog about food, fitness, and life lessons… sigh…. dreamy, huh??

Well, sadly, that is basically all that it is – a mere dream BUT, man, do I love hanging out with my boys all day. They are truly the funniest, sweetest, smartest, most imaginative little boys that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I am so in love with them – really, it makes up for the lack of icy cold lemonade in my hand.

Good news, I have just returned from a fantastic vacation in the Outer Banks. In this picture, my super-awesome family and I climbed the enormous sand dunes at Jockey’s Ridge. It was incredibly hot but such a sight! Definitely worth the trek. Today, I am rested, rejuvenated, and I cannot wait to see you all again in just over a month! The all new, fall session from Body Shaping will be starting. Registration will start soon… let me know when you start to get your brochures! I will be teaching more classes for Body Shaping and I am SO excited and I really hope that some of you will be able to join me as I broaden my fitness repertoire! Don’t worry though, my heart will always be with Boot Camp and I will be back at Highland Tuesday and Thursday nights to make you all LITERALLy, sweat your butts off!

I can’t wait to share the information for my new fall classes, however, I cannot as of yet. You all will just have to wait in suspense until I am given the “go ahead”!

What I CAN share with you now is that I will be teaching Pilates at Dani-Fit starting July 30th! I am hoping to see some familiar faces in class!

I will do a separate post about my Pilates class and about Dani-Fit next, so check back.

Also working on the workout for the week…. check back for that too!!!

Hope your summer is amazing and I hope you are finding ways to keep active and fit!!!!


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