Repost – The Irrelevance of Age in Fitness

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Bootcamp, Health

I am re-blogging this post because I have have found myself smack in the middle of many conversations lately in regards to this topic. I have heard a lot of “oh you are young, its eaaaaaasy for you.” Or, “You aren’t old like me. Someday when you are old you will understand.”

Aside of my feeling a tad bit “dismissed,” and my hard work, sweat, and efforts being pushed aside to make room for other peoples “excuses” as to why they are the way they are…. aside from all of that… because this isn’t about me after all 😉 Not only is my hard work not being acknowledged, the “Dismisser” is setting him or herself up for failure BEFORE A GOAL HAS EVEN BEEN MADE. To me that is such a shame.

I am 33, not 55 and definitely not 20. I have two kids and a husband. I have responsibilities and choices that I make on a daily basis that lead me towards my goal that I made to be the healthiest, fittest role model for my family that I can be. I walk the walk and I talk the talk. I DO more than I SAY (or I REALLY try to… I am kind of a Chatty Cathy sometimes). Do I eat pizza and wings? Um, yea! Do I skip workouts and just hang on the couch some nights Googling random stuff and getting lost in the intricate social-webs of my Facebook “friends”. Yep. But my path is longer than that one night. I have worked hard and have traveled a long way down my path leading to my goal already and I am proud. You and I both know 33 year olds who are not fit, who make poor nutrition choices daily, and who SAY they want to change but make no efforts towards becoming the person that they want to be. I am not that person and you need to make the decision for yourself to not be that person either. BE that person!

I am officially off of my soapbox now… now for your reading pleasure….

This is a fantastic article from Oxygen Magazine’s website that goes over the importance of exercise in all stages of life. It is never too late or too early to begin your quest to better your health and the overall quality of your life. It is a quick read, but a great one.

The Irrelevance Of Age In Fitness
By Kim Dolan Leto | Wednesday, May 23, 2012 | Comments: 1
I happened to catch a post by Tosca Reno, it was about her birthday. She is turning 53 and it got me thinking. Living this Oxygen lifestyle changes all the rules about aging. It isn’t just her body, or her skin, it’s everything.
I have been told, I look younger at 43 than I did in my 20’s. I never really worked out or understood the importance of eating clean until I was 30, and once I started; these are the changes I’ve noticed.

• Lower cholesterol, resting heart rate and lower blood pressure
• Clearer more youthful skin
• Fat loss
• Muscle gain
• Increased energy
• Great reduction in stress
• Inner peace
• Everything in my life runs more smoothly
• My days are more productive
• Better sleep
• The way I look at life is much more positive
• Confidence
• I’m so much happier

People think they don’t have time to exercise or cook clean meals, but the truth is they don’t have time not to. When you look at all the women over 40 that have graced the cover of Oxygen, you’ll be stunned, Francisca Dennis-mother of 6, Dara Torres, Elaine Goodlad and of course Tosca.

I don’t like to compare, but it’s hard not to notice the difference. When I think of women like Francisca, a mother of six, she motivates me and shows me, there is NO EXCUSE! I’m so grateful to have found fitness and to have adopted it as my lifestyle. I shutter to think how unhealthy I would be without it.

Some people reduce fitness to a look, and even find comfort thinking it’s all vanity, but the truth is when you take care of yourself from the inside out you gain an inner confidence and self-respect that helps you to continue on this fitness path. What you look like is only a small part of it.
May I ask you to consider the fact that you too will age? Don’t you want to do it the way these women have? You are worth the investment.

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