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Are you ready?!

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Bootcamp

Get ready!

Countdown to Bootcamp!!!!!
11 DAYS!!!!
Sign Up Now Here!


Some Bootcamp stuff and my big news!

Posted: August 26, 2012 in Bootcamp

Gosh! Where did the summer go? In two weeks the new Bodyshaping By Sandy Fall session will be starting! Have you signed up for Highland Bootcamp yet?! I sure hope so! I cannot wait to see you again and hear how your summer has gone – and of course, I can’t wait to make you work your a$$es off!

Big news in my world, I have officially been certified as a personal trainer! I love the group fitness dynamic, but this has been a personal goal of mine for awhile now and it is such a great feeling for me to have accomplished it! What does my certification mean to all of you? Well, as a group fitness instructor I was trained in methods to work your bodies and get you all “feeling the burn” effectively. As a personal trainer, I can do all of that plus name the muscles, bones, and movements that occur during the workout 🙂

I am very much looking forward to class beginning again. Start getting yourselves psyched up for a new you! Make this Fall the beginning of your transformation! Bring a friend, someone that you know would just LOVE Highland Bootcamp, but maybe just needs a little friendly nudge 😉 There are price discounts for bringing a new registrant to Bodyshaping – and who doesn’t like a discount?

Who is ready?!?!

Posted: August 17, 2012 in BodyCombat, Bootcamp

A lot has been going on with me behind the scenes lately and I think that it is about time I shared some secrets with you all!

First off… if you have received your new Fall/Winter brochure for BodyShaping you may have noticed that yours truly is in not one, but TWO photos! I told my mom that I would make it into print someday… 😉

Other than my brochure debut, which let’s face it, is news enough in and of itself…. did anyone notice the new classes that Bodyshaping is offering? Namely the two Les Mills classes, Sh’Bam and BodyCombat. I have been training to instruct these classes and let me tell you these classes are AWESOME and I will be teaching both the Tuesday and Thursday classes in Orchard Park this Fall. I seriously cannot wait to show you all what the classes are all about. Be ready for some previews in Bootcamp!!!

To describe the classes –

BodyCombat is a high-energy cardiovascular class that combines moves from a range of martial arts disciplines. The class not only increases your fat -burning potential, but it also improves muscle coordination, strength, flexibilty and agility. It is intense and it is super fun. The music is SO hot too…. I cannot begin to convey to you the layers of love that I have for this class. Literally I am giddy with anticipation.

SH’BAM is a dance-centered workout and it is the perfect way to shape up and let out your inner star — even if you’re dance challenged. Ahem…. Now, I have made it public knowledge that I am not so much a “dancer” and unless I have had a few drinks there is no way you will catch me shaking anything in front of a crowd. Well, guess what!? I am swallowing my words (and my pride) and I am actually very excited to present Sh’Bam to you all. It really is just a fun, carefree workout that really lifts the spirit. It is a great class to take with a friend and just let loose and have fun! While you (and I) are shaken your tooshie to hot music tracks, you will be burning calories, toning muscles, and polishing up some serious dance-move-ammo for the next wedding you are invited to.

The even better part to all of this is the first two weeks of BodyCombat classes will be F-R-E-E, free! Come by, check out the class, learn the moves and kick some ass for FREE!!!! You cannot go wrong with that! The free classes provide you guys with a taste of all the awesomeness that BodyCombat has to offer and hopefully gets you guys to spread the word to your friends, family, and coworkers as well. Bring them all!!! Did I mention its free???

Here are the BodyCombat and Sh’Bam promo videos for you to check out…. let me know what you think!!!!

So my Fall teaching schedule will go something like this…

Mondays – Pilates 5:30 at DaniFit
Tuesdays – BodyCombat 10am at Windom Community Church, OP/Sh’Bam 9am at Windom Community Church, OP/Bootcamp 7pm in Derby
Thursdays – BodyCombat 10am at Windom Community Church, OP/Sh’Bam 9am at Windom Community Church, OP/Bootcamp 7pm in Derby

I hope that you will come and partake in the free classes and bring friends with you to join in on the fun. This is a new program that I am really excited to be able to represent. Les Mills is HUGE worldwide. Bodyshaping and I need you to spread the word to your friends and family….

Thank you all so much!!!

So, I have been training for some AWESOME new classes that Bodyshaping by Sandy will be offering in the Fall. I am SO excited! Here are some teasers to get you pumped too!!!!

Wanna Kick-Ass?????

Um, can I just say this workout is insanely intense and so fun. It is super hard, but at the same time flies by so fast…. I can honestly say I have never sweat so much as I have during this class, this training…. and lets face it, I am a sweater 😉 If you want to bring out your BADASS side, this is the class for you!

Just feel like dancin’ it out????

Side note… I have always said, and still stand by the notion that I am just not a dancer any more. I feel silly. I feel out of place and frankly “uncool”. However, Sh’bam is seriously so much fun. It has simple, easy to follow choreography that makes even the most uncomfortable dancer (ie. me), look kind of awesome 🙂 I have been practicing my hip shakes and I think I got it down!!!

Pilates Tomorrow!

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Pilates

Another Pilates class tomorrow at 5:30 at Dani-Fit. If you missed my free class last Monday, you can make up for it tomorrow! Your first class at Dani-Fit is always free!

There is always a choice…

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Health

If you missed Monday’s free Pilates class there is no need to fret!
I will be teaching Pilates at Dani-Fit on Monday nights at 5:30. Why not stop by on the way home from work to decompress before hitting the homestead???

If you are new to Dani-Fit, the first class is always free! I hope to see you there!

Check out this hot Pilates bod….

Madonna is known for her love of the Pilates practice. Some say that it is because of her that it has become so mainstream in the US. At almost 55, she clearly has it goin’ on still. When I grow up I want arms like Madonna.