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January Class News

Posted: December 28, 2012 in BodyCombat, Bootcamp, Sh'Bam

I hope that you all had a great holiday! I hope that the past couple of weeks have been filled with a lot of fun, family time. I have taken a “break” from group fitness the past two weeks in order to recover from the Fall session at Bodyshaping – both mentally and physically. I definitely needed this break…. I was getting tired there for a second!

So here is are some pictures of my family on Christmas Even before we headed to church. Of course we are not all in one picture as someone had to take the picture.




Bodyshaping classes will be starting up the week of January 7th. If you are not yet registered, please do so soon as it is the Winter session which tends to bring more registrants than other sessions. New Years Resolutions made by people who want to lose all of their weight by February tend to pack a room… 😉

As far as I know this moment ALL of my classes are running. Here is my current Bodyshaping schedule:

Monday – 7pm Sh’bam *NEW LOCATION on Lake Rd in Hamburg!!!
Tuesday – 7pm Bootcamp at Highland in Derby
Thursday – 7pm Bootcamp at Highland in Derby
Saturday – 9am Combat and 10am Shbam *NEW LOCATION on Lake Rd in Hamburg!!!

On a side note, I will be holding additional group fitness classes very soon on my own. I want to bring more classes to the area for you to work towards your fitness goals. I am very curious about what classes you would like to see offered. Please let me know!

More information will be posted about these classes as the details get hammered out. It is a very exciting time for me though and I am beside myself with anticipation!!!!

I will be seeing you all very soon! Enjoy your New Years!