My name is Stephanie, and this is my personal fitness blog.  Here I plan to share my workout routines, nutritional advice, and hopefully a little insight into the crazy-overwhelming world of fitness!  I created this blog with the intentions of guiding myself and others towards a simpler, healthier, more wholesome life.  These days it feels as if the world is running on fast-forward all around us.  We have meetings to attend, kids to pick-up/drop-off, laundry to do, appointments to make, bills to pay…  this list goes on and on.  It can get overwhelming to say the very least, and I think it is not only important, but imperative that we take the time to focus on ourselves and our families well-being.  A person who shares 100% of his or herself with the world has been spread so thin that there is 0% left of that person at the end of the day.  He is overwhelmed, over-worked, and most definitely NOT a happy camper. His family suffers, his health is poor, and he becomes more likely to turn to quick-fixes like caffeine and pain-medication in order to “plug-on” with life.

I am sure if you asked this person if this is how he would choose to live his life, he would say no.  I definitely do not want to live like that!  I like to feel happy, healthy and in charge of my life.  What I love about exercise is that 30 minutes can really change the course of the day.  A challenging workout can change your mood, your metabolism, and it can therefore change the course of the day of those people who you interact with on a daily basis.  I personally want to be the person that people remember as happy.  I want my family to be happy.  Really, I would love it if the world were happy, but let’s start small now shall we?   😉

Currently, I am a group fitness instructor.  There will be a special section of this blog reserved just for my classes (see above tab!).  How I love my classes!  The men and women who come each week to sweat with me and listen to me blab on and on about muscle strength, proper form, and who knows what else.  I learn SO much from my class and really they are the reason that makes me want to improve myself and be the best example that I can be!

I have always led a fairly healthy, active lifestyle.  I have never experienced major struggles with my weight, though after having my two children, I must say it was not as easy as I thought it would be to get back to my “fighting weight”, if you will.  There are times when I am not happy with how I look or feel, but I embrace those feelings and use them as fuel throughout my day, in the choices I make and in the things that I do.  And when all else fails, a brand new day always equals a brand new beginning.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I want to dedicate this blog to my family.  My husband  and two adorable boys who keep me on my toes and push me to be the best me that I can be.  I love them with everything I am and nothing I do would mean anything if I didn’t have “my team” to share it with!  XOXO


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