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Posted: January 11, 2013 in BodyCombat, Bootcamp, Pilates, Zip-N-Fit

Mark your calendars!


On Monday, January 21st at 7:30 I will be instructing a FREE class at Zip-N-Fit!
Zip-N-Fit is located at 6472 Southwestern Blvd in Lake View. Right next to Vito’s Country Market.

This free class will be a mix of bootcamp, combat, and pilates. If you have ever wanted to try out any of these – now is your chance!
Bring a friend and come to see this fantastic studio space!

This studio will become a regular location for my classes after the free preview class. There will be signups for session and discounts to those who do so on the 21st. Take advantage of this free opportunity to sweat your way into the new year!

Find out more about Zip-N-Fit and stay informed on events. *Like* Zip-N-Fit on Facebook Here!

And go ahead and *Like* me on Facebook while your there 😉


1) PLEASE CALL AND REGISTER if you haven’t done so already! Spots are filling up! Classes are always packed in January – I don’t want any of my “regulars” to be left in the cold!

2) It looks like Highland Bootcamp will NOT be starting this week. Class will start the week of the 14th. I will update my site here with new information as I get it. This is a school-scheduling conflict that wasn’t expected. Sorry for the inconvenience!

When classes are held at a school, we are kind of at the mercy of the school scheduling. THANK YOU as always for being so understanding. This is another reason to register with the office for classes as soon as possible. Automated calls are made regularly to update those who are registered about changes like these. Being registered means staying informed!!!

As always, feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

My class schedule is about to be expanding quite a bit and I want you all to know exactly where I will be, when I will be there, and what I will be teaching.

YOU DO NOT have to be registered for a class to take it. Walk-ins are always welcome! So if you happen to be home early for work, or a friend is over and you feel like popping in to see me, which really, I know must happen ALL of the time 😉 – come on by!

Each week I will be putting up a “Come SWEAT with me” post that will tell you where I will be the following week. I will also be posting this on Facebook, so if you are on Facebook come and “friend” me @Stephanie Little Radomski.

So next week we ease back into a regular workout routine. Nothing crazy just yet.

Monday – 5:30 Pilates at Dani-Fit
Tuesday – 7pm Bootcamp at Highland
Thursday – 7pm Bootcamp at Highland

Pilates Tomorrow!

Posted: August 5, 2012 in Pilates

Another Pilates class tomorrow at 5:30 at Dani-Fit. If you missed my free class last Monday, you can make up for it tomorrow! Your first class at Dani-Fit is always free!

If you missed Monday’s free Pilates class there is no need to fret!
I will be teaching Pilates at Dani-Fit on Monday nights at 5:30. Why not stop by on the way home from work to decompress before hitting the homestead???

If you are new to Dani-Fit, the first class is always free! I hope to see you there!

Check out this hot Pilates bod….

Madonna is known for her love of the Pilates practice. Some say that it is because of her that it has become so mainstream in the US. At almost 55, she clearly has it goin’ on still. When I grow up I want arms like Madonna.

FREE Pilates class tomorrow folks – come and try it out!

Pilates is a great way to strengthen your core and stretch out sore and tight muscles.

Class is being held at 5:30 at Dani-Fit.

3218 Lakeshore Road
Buffalo, New York 14219

Be there with a mat and a water bottle. I promise you will LOVE it!

Did I mention it is FREE??????