Bootcamp Class Info

Hello fellow Bootcampers! This page is dedicated to all of you!

My Total Body Bootcamp class is held every Tuesday and Thursday, 7-8pm at Highland Elementary School in Derby. It is an intense class full of weight training, cardio, and core strengthening. You will be challenged both mentally and physically, but I promise you, you will feel better leaving my class than you did walking through the door.

There is nothing I love more than when my students ask for a copy of my class plan. I will post each weeks workout on my blog. Simply type “CLASS PLAN” in the search bar. When you do this, you will see all of the class plans on your screen listed in chronological order. I will also make a point to post the dates that the particular workouts were used in class. Lastly I will add any comments or notes about class that may have occurred to me after the fact. Many times I notice things or hear things during a class that really get me thinking. Yet another reason I love my job, I learn so much from all of you!!!!

– Click here to get to the Bodyshaping By Sandy Website.

– Click here to view all of the classes that Bodyshaping By Sandy offers. Blue Cross and Blue Shield people who need to make up a class, this is where you need to look!

Bodyshaping By Sandy Contact Info
Office Phone 716.568.0246

And if you are into the Facebook, you can “Like” Bodyshaping Here
A lot of neat info is posted about the different classes. I definitely recommend checking it out.

And while you are at it, “Like” my blog on Facebook too by clicking Here! Or my personal page Here.

Feel free to email me with any questions that you have about class, your health, or anything else that you think I can help you with. Email me here!


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