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So, I have been training for some AWESOME new classes that Bodyshaping by Sandy will be offering in the Fall. I am SO excited! Here are some teasers to get you pumped too!!!!

Wanna Kick-Ass?????

Um, can I just say this workout is insanely intense and so fun. It is super hard, but at the same time flies by so fast…. I can honestly say I have never sweat so much as I have during this class, this training…. and lets face it, I am a sweater 😉 If you want to bring out your BADASS side, this is the class for you!

Just feel like dancin’ it out????

Side note… I have always said, and still stand by the notion that I am just not a dancer any more. I feel silly. I feel out of place and frankly “uncool”. However, Sh’bam is seriously so much fun. It has simple, easy to follow choreography that makes even the most uncomfortable dancer (ie. me), look kind of awesome 🙂 I have been practicing my hip shakes and I think I got it down!!!